danijel zezelj live art show in NYC

i am monstrously excited to see my friend danijel zezelj's live art show this month at gallery 151 in NYC.

anyone with good sense and $5 can and should join me there.

tuesday dec. 22nd, 10PM
350 Bowery, New York, NY 10012
btw e 4th & great jones

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i have no idea

last night i saw a burlesque show at the slipper room on the lower east side. this was one of their bathrooms.



view from my front porch, not 5 minutes ago.

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são paulo, october 7th 2009

working today in fábio moon and gabriel bá’s studio in sao paulo, brazil. read 5 issues of their upcoming vertigo series DAYTRIPPER, which is one of the most unique and heartbreaking books you’ll ever read.

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trying something a little different here, snippets of nic’s beautiful art as a sort of “NEXT ON…” the way they do at the end of TV shows.


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brazil redux

heading to brazil again this weekend to first go to the brazilian release party of umbrella academy in sao paulo and then head to belo horizonte for the 6th annual FIQ (Festival Internacional de Quadrinhos). the week after that i’ll be doing a talk at the quanta academy in porto alegre and then i’m back on october 18th for the last day of the big apple con, now in a new venue at pier 94 in NYC.

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viking 4 cover final

painted by nic klein, design by tom muller, concept by me.

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figuring out escape #6

hello, number 3

fedex just delivered my new baby.

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happy birthday, ernesto brandon

my older brother ernie was born 30-some-odd years ago today into what i can only imagine was a sweltering 1970s NYC summer.

here’s us. i’m the smaller one.



christ, i love it here. breakfast today on rue dante, which i’ve been to more than once, but is always amazing… it’s a street that’s almost entirely composed of comic shops. walked past notre dame, which was full of pilots and airline personnel… think it must’ve been a service for the air france plane that went down.

walked around in the latin quarter yesterday… near the old arkham store, near where i used to stay. tried and failed to find a place i used to get baguettes, but found anna ku, a pitbull who watches over a bar down the street. annu ku’s old now, face covered in white. introduced anna ku to kristyn, they’re now fast friends. i doubt the dog remembers me, but she nuzzled my leg all the same.

dinner tonight with some friends, lunch now, then i’ve gotta get some work done. finishing escape #4 and a dialogue pass on escape #3 for DC, then i start new books for marvel and another company i can’t name yet.

i miss you terribly.

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signings, etc

crazy couple weeks… a great release party in NY (featuring jackson publick, cliff chiang, brian wood, andy macdonald, alex maleev, juan doe, nikki cook, becky cloonan and more…), a great signing in LA (featuring dan panosian and giant barrels of coffee), and in 2 weeks i’ll be signing at my favorite store in paris.

signing at ARKHAM
7 RUE BROCA, 75005 
TEL. 01 43 37 25 33

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ladies and gentlemen, i am pleased as hell to announce the forthcoming new york release party for viking at a gorgeous new brooklyn retail location, BERGEN STREET COMICS. the event will be friday the 15th of may and will feature a number of all-star comicbook-making guests. come one, come all.


seriously- take a look at this place:

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saturday signings

i’ll be signing this saturday april 25th at both comics, cards and collectibles in baltimore and laughing ogre in lansdowne, va. here’s the press release:

Baltimore, MD and Lansdowne, VA - April 22, 2009 - In support of his new book, Viking, a Golden Age-size painted book from Image Comics, Ivan Brandon will be making several appearances on Saturday, April 25th in the Baltimore/Washington area. Shipping to stores on Wednesday, April 22nd, the $2.99 title is already sold out.

From 12pm to 3pm, Ivan will be at Cards, Comics and Collectibles in Reisterstown, MD, featuring a sale on trade paperbacks and hardcover books — 50% off all day

From 4pm-7pm, Ivan will be signing at the Laughing Ogre Lansdowne Shopping Center location. The store will offer 50% off a second trade paperback of equal or lesser value when you buy any trade paperback.

Ivan Brandon is also known for writing other comics titles like NYC Mech and Cross Bronx.

Cards, Comics & Collectibles
100 A Chartley Drive
Reisterstown, MD 21136

Laughing Ogre Comics
Lansdowne Shopping Center
19340 Promenade Drive
Lansdowne, VA 20176

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there was an error in the diamond solicitations for issue 2 of viking, which was listed as a black and white book… which it is NOT. it is the same oversized, spotgloss painterly format as issue 1… take a look:

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