more fun with wikipedia

for kicks, more errors in my wikipedia:

"Brandon traveled through Europe after finishing school."

the first part is an error on the interviewer’s part in the article cited. at the time of that interview i had only been to spain, once, and it had nothing to do with comics.

the second part “after finishing school” : i’ve never mentioned where or if i went to school, in any interview. the timeline is apparently pulled out of thin air. this imaginary school i went to apparently preceded a trip “through europe”, though again, i’d never been on nor spoken of such a thing in any interview cited in the article.

“He later became friends with fellow creators such as Goran Parlov and Eduardo Risso.”

again, chronology out of thin air. putting aside the usefulness of listing my friends, what is the basis for inventing a chronology for WHEN i did it?

"Brandon is friends with Jeff Amano […]" am i? where did that information come from? is the author trying to imply some kind of cronyism? no idea.

”[…], whose atypical approach to writing was similar to Brandon’s.” first: no, his style is not remotely similar to mine. second, why is jeff amano’s writing style a factor in my wikipedia entry?


chuck recounts a drunken phone call he received last night


noticed today that someone wrote a very strange wikipedia entry on me. there are a couple of funny portions that are inaccurate or incomplete, for example, in addition to my older brother i have 2 younger brothers and a sister. and though i’ve been to europe several times, eduardo risso lives in south america (which is irrelevant as i met him in san diego, california) and i’ve never been to croatia, where goran parlov lives.

still and all, i appreciate the effort of whoever spent the time writing the thing. even though that picture is terrible.

EDIT: picture FIXED! with a much better picture from my flickr. thank you, internet! so much better.

EDIT 2: NOOOOO! terrible picture is back, with a note that the old picture was better. NOT BETTER! i look like i’m in prison. why do you taunt me so, internet? had i known that picture existed, i would never have approved its use.


goodnight, 2009

what a strange decade, most of it spent stepping precariously into and through the alien worlds of publishing and self-employment. of storytelling. a decade where i traveled to over a dozen different countries and saw more american cities than i can count.

when the year ends i never feel like i’ve accomplished enough as a storyteller. both in qualitative and quantitative terms. this next year, maybe i’ll do more. maybe you’ll enjoy some of it.

i feel like we’re all on the brink of something big.

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danijel zezelj live art show in NYC

i am monstrously excited to see my friend danijel zezelj's live art show this month at gallery 151 in NYC.

anyone with good sense and $5 can and should join me there.

tuesday dec. 22nd, 10PM
350 Bowery, New York, NY 10012
btw e 4th & great jones

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i have no idea

last night i saw a burlesque show at the slipper room on the lower east side. this was one of their bathrooms.



view from my front porch, not 5 minutes ago.

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são paulo, october 7th 2009

working today in fábio moon and gabriel bá’s studio in sao paulo, brazil. read 5 issues of their upcoming vertigo series DAYTRIPPER, which is one of the most unique and heartbreaking books you’ll ever read.

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trying something a little different here, snippets of nic’s beautiful art as a sort of “NEXT ON…” the way they do at the end of TV shows.

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brazil redux

heading to brazil again this weekend to first go to the brazilian release party of umbrella academy in sao paulo and then head to belo horizonte for the 6th annual FIQ (Festival Internacional de Quadrinhos). the week after that i’ll be doing a talk at the quanta academy in porto alegre and then i’m back on october 18th for the last day of the big apple con, now in a new venue at pier 94 in NYC.

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viking 4 cover final

painted by nic klein, design by tom muller, concept by me.

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figuring out escape #6

hello, number 3

fedex just delivered my new baby.

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happy birthday, ernesto brandon

my older brother ernie was born 30-some-odd years ago today into what i can only imagine was a sweltering 1970s NYC summer.

here’s us. i’m the smaller one.



christ, i love it here. breakfast today on rue dante, which i’ve been to more than once, but is always amazing… it’s a street that’s almost entirely composed of comic shops. walked past notre dame, which was full of pilots and airline personnel… think it must’ve been a service for the air france plane that went down.

walked around in the latin quarter yesterday… near the old arkham store, near where i used to stay. tried and failed to find a place i used to get baguettes, but found anna ku, a pitbull who watches over a bar down the street. annu ku’s old now, face covered in white. introduced anna ku to kristyn, they’re now fast friends. i doubt the dog remembers me, but she nuzzled my leg all the same.

dinner tonight with some friends, lunch now, then i’ve gotta get some work done. finishing escape #4 and a dialogue pass on escape #3 for DC, then i start new books for marvel and another company i can’t name yet.

i miss you terribly.

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