A CRIME BOOK FOR THE 9TH CENTURY. Finn and Egil, brothers – one bad, one worse – are trying to stab and steal their way to a seat at the table. Two men at war with the world around them. But today’s the day the world fights back. VIKING features art and painted covers by the amazing Nic Klein.

THE CROSS BRONX seamlessly mixes police procedure and the supernatural in a story that follows Detective Rafael Aponte as he investigates a mysterious gang slaying that quickly brings him face to face with an unearthly beauty. Taking out her revenge on the city, she challenges Aponte’s faith in the law as it clashes with his faith in God – or lack thereof.

WITH Michael Avon Oeming

24SEVEN features URBAN ROBOT stories told by a gathering of my favorite verbal and visual minds from film/animation/ design/comics… even architecture. It’s an international who’s who of today’s best writers & artists telling ROBOT tales through a cross-genre gamut, anything from ROBOT SAMURAI to CRISIS IN SPACE to BIZARRE FEUDING ROBOT SIAMESE DJs. There’s romance, action, horror… everything you’d want, all told by a cross-section of the most diverse authors in print.

WITH Adam Hughes, Eduardo Risso, Ashley Wood, Gene Ha, Alex Maleev, Jim Rugg, Matt Fraction, Dave Johnson, Frazer Irving, Niko Henrichon, Ben Templesmith, Esad Ribic, Jim Mahfood, Tony Moore, John Ney Rieber, Becky Cloonan, Farel Dalrymple, Michael Avon Oeming, Fábio Moon, Gabriel Bá, Brandon Graham, & many more!

Eight million robots walk the streets, but this isn’t science fiction. This is New York City, top to bottom, from a basement in the last Brooklyn ghetto to the clouds above a penthouse suite on Park Avenue. Welcome to NYC MECH, a sci-fi NYC populated by lovelorn robots that IGN calls “THE COOLEST BOOK ON THE PLANET”.

WITH Miles Gunter and Andy MacDonald